Our Clients are great, and we love hearing their stories. If you have a story about our service or want to share some feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Rebecca Gregson

Bolton Charge - Bolton, Shiloh, and Smith Chapel UMCs, North Carolina

This is an excellent tool for disseminating regular information on upcoming events as well as last minute cancellations. We didn't use it for quite a while because, being a new pastor, I wasn't aware it existed. Especially since the three churches in this charge are so spread apart, having this handy is truly a gift. Rev. Rebecca R. Gregson, Pastor.

John Poe

Bardstown umc, Kentucky

We have enjoyed having one call. We find it to be a great way to communicate with our congregation. It's user friendly, easy to use. And you have done a great job with updates and help when needed. Thank you!

Chuck Griffin

Cassidy United Methodist Church Kingsport, TN

Please pass along to the right people how pleased I am with the OneCallTellAll system. You have really enhanced our ability to communicate in this church. I've been getting a lot of positive comments from parishioners about the improvements your system has brought compared to our old system. And because they typically hear my voice, the goodwill accrues to me. :-)

Craig Carter

North Kent Community Church, Michigan

You guys do a great job and whenever I need a change it is handled promptly. Thanks for all you do!

Roy Beth Kelley

Dover United Methodist Church, Arkansas

We have truly enjoyed One Call Tell All. We just had icy weather, and it was so easy to send out a call to cancel activities. It is a great way to keep everyone informed of meetings, new studies and events. Thank you for offering this service at a price our small church can afford!

Debbie Pugh

Mayodan United Methodist Church, North Carolina

This service has been a Godsend for prayer concerns, meeting reminders, and inclement weather service cancellations. It is easy to submit the numbers to be called with different categories and easy to make changes in the case of deceased members, new members, or committee member changes. It is also easy to make the call and be assured it will be received by the proper category selection.

Bob Barker

New Life United Methodist, Alabama

OneCall has been most effective for time critical communications such as deaths, meeting reminders, etc.

Stephanie Krill

Edgerton United Methodist Church, Ohio

Love the ease with which this system works! Makes placing prayer chains or meeting reminders SO much faster! (only wish some other people in leadership roles here would utilize it on their own, instead of calling on me 24/7 asking me to place the calls!)

Chel Whaley

Folly Beach United Methodist Church, South Carolina

This system is WONDERFUL! We use it at our church to remind of meetings, special services, bible studies, prayer concerns and everything else we can think of! We don't know how we operated without it!

Elaine Parrent

St. John's UMC, Oklahoma

We have been using the system for two years. The service allows us to contact our entire membership or a specific group in minutes rather than being a time-consuming task for our office volunteers.


The Shared Ministry, Pennsylvania

The system has worked well for our church. We use it to announce meetings, special events, as well as church closures. It is easy to use and when there are changes that need to be made, the company makes them quickly.

Deborah L. Ragland

Stanley United Methodist, Tennessee

We really are pleased with the system. Our members are now able to get first hand information without having to call each individual person. The changes are done quickly. Keep up the good work.

Campus Drive CUMC

Camp[us Drive Community United Methodist Church, Texas

We really appreciate your service.We can get our announcements out to all Church members.Your service has been great for us.

LaTricia Trull

Puryear UMC, Tennessee

One Call has worked wonderfully for us, it has been such an asset in getting information out effectively. Truly a gift to the whole church. Thank you One Call.

Mary Land

Silvis United Methodist Church, Illinois

We really like this service (really!). It is so convenient and easy to use. One comment that I have had from our recipients is that they would like the opportunity to hear the message again (have an option at the end of the call to repeat this message). Is that possible?


First United Methodist Church, North Carolina

Great system, easy to set up and to use. Customer service is wonderful and very helpful.

Sue Jonesil

First United Methodist Church, North Carolina

I am the person that sends out all the calls. I love it. I can be anywhere and someone will call for me to send out a message. As long as I have a pencil and paper to write the message down before sending it I am alright. I haven't heard anyone say anything lately about not getting the call or understanding it on their regular phone. The only thing is on the cell phone, sometimes it will leave a message and sometimes it doesn't. The church I attend has OneCallTellAll and that is the way it is on their cell phone calls. Right now, I don't know that we are having any problems. I also like sending an email about changing telephone numbers or taking them off the list and I get an answer back within a couple of hours or sooner. Thanks for everything and I am enjoying OneCallTellAll.

Shirley Brown

Community Christian Church, North Carolina

I have been pleased with the One Call Tell All system. It is fast and easy. It only takes just a few minutes to reach our entire congregation.

Laura Fiffick

Pleasant Hills United Methodist Church, Ohio

The system works very well for us. This seems to be the best way of communication with our church members.

Charlene Hutchings

Laboratory/Mary's Grove United Methodst Charge, North Carolina

We have used the One Call Tell All system for 2 years. The system works very well for us, is easy to use and enhanced our ministries. In addition to using the system for church announcments and prayer requests, I usually broadcast a daily devotion and prayer during the Lent and Advent season, and on special days other holidays like July 4th, Valentines, Thanksgiving, etc. The church members have been very grateful to have this system in their church.

Pastor Clare H Sullivan

Patagonia Community UMC, Arizona

We are absolutely delighted with this system and so happy to be able to have the reduced rate. Thank you, thank you. My only difficulty is keeping up with the changes I submit since it is only the phone numbers and not names. But that is my problem. Thank you so very much for this service.

Terri Perkins

Jennings United Methodist Church, Florida

This is a wonderful service. Our church has benefited greatly from this service. We have recommended it to several other churches that we know. Thanks so much for all that you do.

Gladys Loflin

Apache Chamber of Commerce, Oklahoma

This service has worked quite well for us. I must tell you that on occasion not all members receive the call or receive only part of it. Thank you very much for allowing us to join you. We certainly want to continue using your service.

Debbie Zakrajsek

Buchanan United Methodist Church, Tennessee

We appreciate your very rapid response to service requests. We occasionally have a problem with the system not calling a certain few numbers, etc. You seem to be able to help us resolve it quickly. We are very happy with One Call Tell All--one of the best things we have done to improve communications within our church.

Cathy Genaw

Page Memorial United Methodist Church, North Carolina

OneCallTellAll replaced an expensive, outdated system we were using that called each person, one at a time. Took hours! OCTA is super easy, can be done from any phone at any time, calls your entire directory simultaneously, is inexpensive and the staff is always available, dependable and very friendly. Edits to my directory have always been done immediately with excellent communication! OneCallTellAll has made my job so much easier! Thank you!!


Southaven First United Methodist Church, Mississippi

I have only good things to say about this system. It works so great for our needs. I have never had a problem.

Brenda Hall

First United Methodist, Arkansas

We are very happy with service!

Rev. Shannon Marie Berry

Bland Circuit UMC, Virginia

We have been thoroughly pleased with the OCTA system. It has helped us all stay informed of prayer concerns and events. As the pastor, I was often the last to know when situations arose. By having me as the contact point to start the system, I am better able to provide pastoral care.

Rev. Douglas McClain

Fellowship United Methodist, Palm Bay, Florida

We have been exceedingly happy with the service. The customer service has been excellent.

Buck Coe

Edgewater UMC, Alabama

Great program..Shaun has always be very helpful when updates are required. Keep up the good work...

Lori Anne Bowen

Colliers United Methodist, North Carolina

The system has made contacting members for prayer requests or information so much easier. Use of the system is user-friendly and easy to understand when making the call. The only problem we have is part of the conversation being cut off at the beginning and we are working with our callers to see if we can correct the problem from our our end. The cost of the system is reasonable for our church and has caused no hardships for us.

Jon Gougeon

United Methodist Church of Reese, Michigan

The best communication tool for church ever. One message delivered to all without changes and distortions. Clear and concise process for making messages. Thank you.

Mike Carr

Troutman 1st UMC, North Carolina

I really like how easy the system works and the deleting or adding of numbers is extremely easy. You can make as many calls as you want from wherever you are. I would recommend this to everyone.

Jerry Evans

Bethesda United Methodist Church, North Carolina

Our church family at Bethesda has been very pleased with the OneCallTellAll system. With this system we are able to stay in touch about prayer requests and update our members about those who have been hospitalized or in a crisis situation of some sort. We really appreciate the extra measure of "connectedness" it gives us day in and day out! We highly recommend it to other churches, regardless of size.

Nancy Baker

Grace United Methodist, Ohio

The OneCallTellAll systems is great. It is such a convenient way to contact all our congregation and/or individual committees to remind them/announce to them what is occurring. Thank you.

Lu Ellyn Dallas

Riverview United Methodist Church, Ohio

this has been a really big help in reaching our members at the church. We have several groups to contact and it makes it so much better to reach each one together. I have shared the information instruction to each chairperson to use to announce their meetings too. It takes a bit of the pressure off me and my reminders that I have to send monthly. Thank you so much.

Cyndi Janeczek

Loudonville United Methodist Church, Ohio

We are so satisfied with OneCallTellAll! It is so easy to use and can be used from any phone. They are also wonderful to work with as far as changes to your phone list. I simply email them the phone number to add or to remove and they respond immediately that they've made the change. This is a service that I don't think any church, small or large, will regret having!

Pat Decker

Ohio Street United Methodist in Butler, Missouri

The system has been great for us. We have set up 4-5 groups and have found it to be user friendly and glitch free. Updates are easy. We have had no complaints.

Becky Baumfalk

Memorial United Methodist Church,Kentucky

The call in portion of the system has worked very well for our needs. It is very user friendly and can be used from any phone. Your team making number changes for our account are very efficient and timely. The only problem that we seem to have with the calls is a "long" pause (quiet time)before the message starts after answering the phone. We get feed back from people that they answer and get no message and hang up before the message starts. Other than that, we are very satisfied with the system. It worked well this weekend when we had ice and snow and had to cancel services and activities. Thank you for the good work and your very useful service.


Romeo United Methodist, Michigan

We like the One Call Tell All System. It is a different way for us to communicate with our church family, sometimes with information that is needed immediately. People have received it very well.

Gail Biesiadny

Community UMC, Wisconsin

Thank you! This service makes my job easier! I can make calls from anywhere, and it shows up as the church on caller ID. This is a good investment if you make a lot of congregation and committee calls.


Monterey United Methodist Church, Tennessee

This system is easy to use and has been a great asset in getting news and prayer requests out to our members and friends. Changing information as people move or need to be added is also very easy to do thanks to the helpful support staff of One Call Tell All.

Susan Trantham

Faith United Methodist Church, North Carolina

This is the most wonderful gift our church has been given. We love the promptness of the information getting to our members. Great communications tool! Highly recommend it to any size church.

Nancy Judd

Harker Heights United Methodist Church, Texas

We use the OneCallTellAll system to notify members of upcomming scheduled meeting reminders and to contact all members of church activities. This system works well when an activity has been cancelled and you need to contact everyone on short notice.

Micehle Welch

Providence United Methodist Church, North Carolina

We love the One Call Tell All system. It has enabled our church to send both urgent and non-urgent information to our church families in a quick and easy matter. We couldn't say enough about the system's ease of use and anytime we've had questions or concerns, the staff has been right there to help us along. The only thing I could possibly think of that I'd love to see improved upon is the way we get our phone number data into the system. It would be really nice to not have to wait on the staff to update the data. An online system that we could log into and update automatically would be a wonderful addition!


King Memorial United Methodist Church, Texas

The OneCallTellAll system is not only easy to use, but on the very rare occasion there are problems, the support team is quick to respond with easy to follow instructions on how to resolve issues. We use the system a lot, and it is well worth the money. We at the church are all very pleased with it.

Beth Lambert

First Baptist Church Cross City, Florida

This has been such a blessing...one call and everyone is notified. Wish we had done this sooner!


Scottville United Methodist Church, Michigan

We have been really blessed with the system. It has made my job as church secretary easier and our congregation really likes getting the calls from me. We appreciate it VERY much.

Ruby Holt

Friendship United Methodist Church, Georgia

We are enjoying using One Call Tell All but have a few suggestions: 1 -Make it easier to make changes - the way we are changing now is by looking for the phone number. 2 - allow more that 92 characters in the message.


Belfast Wesley UMC, Pennsylvania

Great communications tool!

Edwin Feuerstein, Jr

Salem UMC Zionsville, Pennsylvania

The system has helped get urgent messages to the congregation quickly. Periodically, one or two members will say they didn't receive the message. We are assuming since they got other messages that their phone line must have been in use when the attempts to deliver the message was made.

Anne Holdsworth

Preemption United Methodist church, Illinois

Overall we are delighted and thank you for offering this opportunity! It was surprisingly easy to format and submit the numbers to you. The "turn around time" for submitting a new list and for sending out each message is remarkably short. However, we have had several reports of not receiving a particular call, and we are not sure why. The same answering machine recorded some calls, but did not register another one. Also, it seems that cell phone calls which are unanswered do not necessarily go to "voice mail" to leave messages. Do you know of others who have experienced this, and discovered solutions? Thank you again for your service. I am not a true "techie" and am very pleased with how easy it is to use. We have four persons who can record messages, and all have been successful. Thanks again - Anne.

Ivan James

Asbury UMC, Missouri

System has been very helpful to the congregation. Plan to increase use in upcoming year.

Carol Middleton

United Methodist Church, Kansas

We could not be happier with the One Call system. It is one of the most used tools in the church office. Having sub-groups for committees has been wonderful, one call and the whole committee is notified. What a time saving system this is. We also appreciate the ability to call from our home or cell phones. This system has been money well spent. Thank you!

Judith Butler

Bethesda United Methodist Church, Maryland

The system is working very well for us. We especially appreciate the convenience and efficiency of the prayer chain ministry which is the one most often used. We appreciate also the customer service and efficiency of answering our requests to delete and update numbers. The only drawback would be that our original calling list had names to whom the numbers belonged. Updates you send only have numbers so it takes a little work on our part to keep corrected numbers with their proper names. However, we find the service very helpful and appreciate it.

Terry Utterback

Mt Alexander UMC, West Virginia

One call has been the greatest thing to happen to our church! To make everyone feel like one family. One call is amazing, I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERY CHURCH!!

pastor ken

calvary - Dellroy umc, Ohio

System is great but i think there needs to be a call back at least one time if no answer and no machine picks up.

Gina Link

Taylor Chapel United Methodist Church, Tennessee

We are very pleased with your system and your customer service. It is worth the money to invest in One Call!

Rev. Karen fisher

Forest Park United Methodist Church, Georgia

Love it!

Phyllis McKinney

New Middleton United Methodist, Tennessee

OneCall is working well for us. I've received positive feedback from some of our members. It's easy to use. One negative: when call is received on a cell phone, the announcement is already in progress. You have to listen a second time to hear the beginning. It has sometimes missed sending the msg to some members, but this seems to be rare.

Shirley Hollingsworth

Pleasant Grove United Methodist, Florida

We have had nothing but positive comments about this system. It is easy to use and very effective.

Rev Nancy Ross

Grace United Methodist, Pennsylvania

Love it! Not everyone has email, text, etc but everyone has a phone. We get communications out very easily and quickly with one-call!

Sue Motter

New Hope United Methodist Church, Ohio

We have been very pleased with the service provided by your system. Our pastor uses it often to notify our congregation of special events, deaths of members, etc. The quick and efficient response of your support staff is also greatly appreciated.

Dave Noel

Vanlue Christ, Ohio

The one call system works as advertised. It is far superior to the telephone chains we used before.

Ellen Powell

Central Hill Baptist Church, Virginia

The OneCallTellAll system has been an invaluable tool for our church family. When the call goes out for prayer requests or to make an announcement of upcoming events, etc. everyone enlisted receives the same information and there is no chance of not receiving the original message, as with the original system of individuals calling one another. It has been a tremendous asset for our church.

Rodney Lawson, pastor

Rocky Gap United Medthodist, Virginia

The OneCallTellAll has been such a blessing and help in our communications with church members and even some others in the community. Our shut ins who receive notification by this say they feel like they are still a part of the church. It also insures that everyone gets the same message, no miss repeats. The only complaint that I have heard was if someone wasn't on the list. Keep up the good job.

Lisa Klinger

Blue MountainCharge, Pennsylvania

I use the system for last minutes changes in schedule, reminders of important events. Being able to reach out to segments of my churches is helpful. The one call tell all system is an important part of my ministry.

Becky Gwaltney

Uzzell United Methodist Church, Virginia

OneCallTellAll has been such a blessing for our church. We're a small rural congregation and it's important for EVERYONE to get news that's vital to our ministry. We use it for sharing prayer concerns, for reminders of meetings and special events, and for any number of other things that members want to share. It's far better than any "phone tree" system that's been in place. The really good thing is that everyone gets the message at the same time and no one is left out! I highly recommend OneCall to any church of any size. Works without a hitch!

Ed selvidge

Radnor United Methodist Church, Indiana

We really apprecate this awesome service! Sometime the message does not start at the beginning of the message. That would be the only negative comment we would have.

Lee Ann Dunlap

Hannibal-Claringtion Charge UMC, Ohio

Works great for us every time. No problems whatsoever. I especially appreciate your prompt responses each time we have had to make edits or corrections. Your ministry makes our ministry a lot more effective Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


Fair Oaks UMC, Georgia

We have never been able to utilize the system via the call in function (which is our main mode of setting up a call) - the log in never worked and thereafter when you dial in all we get is just a dead silence, no prompts, nothing. It has been a huge disappointment.

Ann Duncan

Hoyle Memorial United Methodist Church, North Carolina

Our congregation loves the OneCallTellAll phone system. It is an invaluable way to share announcements and prayer requests. The system is easy to use. Customer service is quick and efficient. The price is very affordable. I appreciate how you can have multiple lists. Everyone in my congregation loves it! Thank you for providing this service.

Chuck Griffin

Cassidy United Methodist Church, Tennessee

So far, I've been very pleased with the system. It gets the word out fast, is reasonably clear, and is easy to use. One odd thing: Your system is not compatible with our church office phone system. I started out trying to use a desk phone to send a message, but your system could not read the number prompts when input from the desk phone. So I use my cell phone, and have instructed the staff to do the same if they put something out.

Pastor Gina Kirkland

Anderson New Horizons UMC, Indiana

This has helped our congregation with our communication needs, especially with reminders and immediate/emergency announcements. It is wonderful when everyone can get the same message at the same time. The updating of our calling lists is quick and easy. We are so happy we have this service. Thank you so much. We are however having a few issues with some cell phone not receiving the message or even connecting as a voicemail. We are not sure if it is the cell phone provider or not.

Larry Wilson

Sylvania First united Methodist Church, Ohio

The One Call Tell All system has proven to be an efficient and quick and way to communicate with our members and friends of our church.

Connie Jones

Hickory Grove United Methodist Church, North Carolina

This is a time saver for us. I can keep everyone updated on our sick and how they are doing in the hospital several times a day if needed. I love it for reminding people about meetings and special church services. Everyone loves it!

Nancy Krah

Midland United Methodist Church, Illinois

What a blessing this system has been -- at "one touch" we can contact all of our church members and friends. No more relay calling! The only thing that I wish (and maybe there's a way to do this and I haven't discovered) is to be able to link more than one unit together. Several times we have had 2 or more committees meeting together -- it would have been great to be able to tie those three units together and make ONE CALL. Instead I had to make three separate calls. Which still beats 20 calls. This is a great calling system. So often when the 'relay calling' would go out -- so often you couldn't catch people at home, therefore the relay stopped. Changes, deletes, additions -- so easy, so quick. When I send corrections etc., to the One Call sales unit -- our changes are made within the hour of sending. This is fantastic. I highly recommend this system -- cost wise it isn't expensive either. Thank You One Call you makes our lives a little less hectic.

Robert Herron

Rocky Springs United Methodist Church, North Carolina

You were a God-send when we were looking for a phonetree that enabled us to contact all our members. The system works great, I cannot see where you could make improvements. We are a small church, and your guarantee of remaining relative same price each year, unless we grow beyond the first limit, but our parishioners have really been impressed and it seems a new attitude when I can call one number and address prayer concerns, or speak to the whole church at one time. Keep doing what you do, I am sure God is Blessing your ministry, Merry Christmas to you and all who are a part of this great phonetree system, and your church. Bob Herron, Pastor, Rocky Springs UMC.

Virginia Crane

Bethel U.M.C, Delaware

We do like the system but would like it to keep calling when there is no answer, we have a lot of older people in our congregation that do not have answering machines and do not get the call at times. They also do not have cell phones so would like it if when there is no answer to keep calling back until they get an answer. Thank You.

Elijah Mitchell

H. A. Brown United Methodist Church, Mississippi

OneCallTellAll is a great system. I can easily communicate information to various ministries, committees or the general congregation all at once instead of making separate phone calls. It is great for sending greetings on specials days such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and even birthday greetings.

Larry Frank

Harmony UMC, Pennsylvania

The OneCallTellAll system is invaluable during inclement weather when we need to alert all of our members to schedule changes. The system is also great for reminding people of various meetings and special events.

Mary Cumberland

Middleton UMC, Tennessee

We are so pleased with the One Call system. It has kept our congregation informed of all the news without much effort. Everyone is pleased with the system and the cost is great, too.

Jimmy H Koonce

Hurricane Hill United Methodist, Tennessee

We absolutely love the OneCallTellAll system. Not all members get emails, not all members receive texts, but all members have some type of phone. For years, we used an internal/'daisy chain' type of communication; someone always got left out and didn't get the message. Did I mention that we absolutely love the OneCallTellAll system................

Larry Beahm

Curtin United Methodist Church, Pennsylvania

Our system has worked relly well. I personally have a problem with the message repeating the message, nobody else seems to have this problem. People have commented on the communcation ability, we broadcast up coming eventsso everybody is aware of what is happening. Thanks, Larry.

Christopher Jackson

Prospect United Methodist Church, North Carolina

The system works well for its purpose and at a price much cheaper than One Call Now which we were using previously. There are some things which we have missed after switching, however. First is the ability to use an app to send messages without calling in to the system. Another thing that has made the transition more difficult is the need to place phone numbers into a separate spreadsheet from our internal list of names and phone numbers. The online portal for making changes to the roster was nice with One Call Now but not necessary. There was also the ability to schedule calls in the future. It was not a feature we had previously, but it would be nice to have a way for people receiving calls to be able to update their own information. These features would be nice though the great difference in price makes the difference in features more acceptable.

Jerry Patrick

Shope's United Methodist,Pennsylvania

One Call/Tell All is working great for our church. We have used it numerous times to request prayer for individuals. Also it has helped to make our congregation aware of special events in the church.

Kimberly morse

New apostolic church, Michigan

We have been very pleased with the system. The only issue is when people have answering machines it does not always leave a message. This has only been the case a few times. Overall we love it!

steve tuck

mt. hebron united methodist, Tennessee

This system has worked wonderfully for our church.We use it for prayer concerns. reminders, and announcements.It is a great help and time saver.

Joan Grimes

New Shiloh U.M.C, Tennessee

Our Church family is very satisfied with OneCalTellAll.Your quick response to any request we make, Is always quick and throughow Many thank for delievering on the services you provide us with.

Rev. Annelda Crawford

Pleasant Mound-Urban Park United Methodist Church, Texas

I enjoy the system. It is easy to use. I would like to be able to view listings. Otherwise great system.

Sherry Mott

1st United Methodist of Unadilla NY, New York

We are in our third year with One Call Tell All and each month we continue to increase its uses to reach out to our church members & friends ands most recently have adopted it for a mission outreach to or neighborhoods, as well. We use it for prayer requests, meeting reminders, news & activity updates within our church & our community. We've seen attendance at monthly dinners continue to climb as our contact list increases, everyone loves it!

Jimmy Sansom

West First United Methodist Church, Texas

This has been an invaluable service for the church. We know it was a nice added touch to what we could offer to the church but we found out just how important this service can be. In the midst of the explosion that hit our community of West on April 17, 2013, we found out how important this service was. We needed to reach all the members to find out how they were doing and if there was damage to their home. We were able to account for all members and could update them with the information that was needed for the church and the community. It has been a blessing for us. Rev. Jimmy Sansom.

David Poore

Arcadia UMC, Tennessee

This is a great ministry for our church. Information gets out quickly and had been a real blessing. I tell everyone about it. It is an important part of our prayer life while away from church. Thank you so much and God bless.

Pastor Michael Shepherd

Inola United Methodist Church, Oklahoma

This is the second church I have used your system. The OneCallTell system is a valuable resource that is well worth the money.

Barbara Seyfried

Imperial Beach United Methodist Church, California

The service is well worth the cost. The system is used mainly for general announcements and prayer requests. The system has not failed. There are members "shy" about using the One Call. I think when they try it, they will find it useful and helpful. I personally appreciated the option to rerecord an announcement. Between stuttering and stage fright I could try again and again until I heard what I wanted.

Pauletta Page

Tompkinsville First United Methodist Church, Kentucky

We have really liked the One Call system. It gets information out at one time to all our congregation especially when we need prayers for some of our members. It has been well worth it.

Gary Howard

Odenville United Methodist Church, Alabama

We have not experienced any problems with using the system or adding and correcting phone numbers.

Ron Womack

Center United Methodist Church, Georgia

The system has been a great communication tool. Since my congregation is mostly older, many don't communicate by e-mail and this allows them to stay in touch. Thanks for your service. Rev. Ron Womack.

Carol McWilliams

West Forest UMC, Michigan

We are very happy with your system. It has been invaluable in getting messages out to our congregation. The only thing I would like to see is that we could choose when our messages are broadcast. Otherwise, we thank you for your good service to us.

Rev. Barry Ritenour

Bethany United Methodist Church, Pennsylvania

We love the system and it has been easy to change and update information and phone numbers. Thanks for helping us get the word out to our folks.

Karen Wellman

Homestead United Presbyterian Church, Pennsylvania

One Call Tell All has replaced our calling tree. The new system is easy and fast and we find that we are using it often to contact our congregation with prayer requests, church events and meetings. We have been very impressed with the rapid response from the support team when we have sent in changes (additions, deletions or corrections). Wish we had known about One Call Tell All sooner. Thanks.

Werner Max

New Apostolic Church, New Jersey

Thanks for all of your help...it is much appreciated! Service has been noted by many folks. Please let me know if I can help spread your services!

Elizabeth Coward

Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church, Inc., North Carolina

We have been very pleased with the service. We have experienced problems with some land lines, but otherwise have had a good experience. Some calls did not go thru to a few land lines. Our members have been surprised by the fact that they get calls on their cell phones regardless of where they are.

Lynne Lee

Lightfoot Methodist Church, Tennessee

The onecalltellall has help our church to keep in touch with each member and what is happen in our sister churches.

Doug Burrell

Blue Ridge UMC, Georgia

It has been several months since I signed up , but we have only this week got it set up and have not yet used it. Hopefully soon!

Pastor Roy Nevil

Poneto UMC, Indiana

We had been searching for an answer to our prayer chain difficulties. Messages not getting through, lapses in memory from some of those called, etc. We found out about the OneCallTellAll system from our conference office. What a great system! I have used this great tool for ministry for a little over two years and I absolutely recommend the service for those struggling with the same issues as we were. It is simple to set up and easy to use. Several on my Administrative board know how use the system and have initialized messages. One phone call and then everyone in our system is called and listens to a recording of the message. No more jumbled messages after being passed through a dozen different interpretations. We use it to send prayer requests, meeting reminders, cancellations and special holiday greetings. Last year I sent a message on New Year's Day to the church-while I was in California on vacation! What a great tool. I would go on and on about the economic value of their pricing system....but might give them the impression that their service is worth way more than they charge!

Wayne Smith

Summit Point United Methodist, West Virginia

We use this system alot and would not be without it after having it now for two years.All of our congregation gets the advantage of this wonderful phone service.I would highly recommend this service to anyone.Thank You, Wayne Smith.

David Estep

Woodside United Methodist Church, Illinois

The program has been exceptional. Thanks for providing this service.

Fay Shaw

West Alexander United Methodist, Pennsylvania

We are very happy with One Call Tell All! Our members can keep up with the happenings at the church. Also, using this as our prayer chain works very well. I have found updating our lists very easy and prompt. Thank you very much for providing this service! God Bless!!

Kate Turner

Harleton United Methodist Church, Texas

OneCallTellAll has been such a blessing to our congregation! The first month after we got the service we had the unfortunate circumstance of having 4 deaths. Having the ability to contact everyone with all the important facts, such as visitation time, services, burial location, family wishes, etc. all simultaneously, was such a relief. We have had joys to share, too! And just today used the service to let everyone know about a change of plans due to bad weather. The service is easy to use. The customer service is excellent. Any changes have been made immediately and with courtesy. We have told several other pastors about the program. Thank you for such a great service. We love OneCallTellAll.

Carl F. Rainear

Old Town UMC, Florida

We have used this service for about a year and a half. We are very happy with this service. It is easy to us and changes are handled promptly. Would recommend this system to others.

Gerry Rhodes

Franklin UMC, Oklahoma

The system is a very good back up to the television for church closing during bad weather. It is an excellent way to remind people of special events that they have forgot were coming up.Considering it for implementation of our prayer chain.Pastor Gerry Rhodes.


Hopewell UMC, Virginia

Excellent service, easy to use for quick effective communication!




Rev. Bonnie Hardesty

Estancia UMC, New Mexico

First, I personally appreciate the ease of use & time savings this system provides for pastors... no need to organize & re-organize prayer chains, make substitutes for folks who are out of town & wonder for weeks why the prayer request didn't get thru the whole 'chain' because someone didn't forward the request! What a blessing! One Call Tell All gets a consistent message to everyone in a timely fashion. And I can send messages to a variety of ministry teams within the church depending on need - reminders a bout the Trustees meeting go to Trustees only; requests for prayers go to everyone on the prayer ministry team. And, if church must be cancelled due to weather - everyone gets the message! Second, it saves time for my congregants - no need to call the next person on the chain (over & over again until they 'pick up', and no need to get stuck talking with 'Chatty Cathy' for the next hour.) Third, it ensures that a consistent message gets to everyone - no message augmentation along the way! Fourth, the congregation thinks the technology is AMAZING, and that their pastor is SMART ! Thanks... I've only had one message not make it thru on the first attempt. A GREAT SUCCESS rate !

Karen Morris

New London UMC, North Carolina

The system is working well. I wish you could sign a time for the message to go out.


Oxford United Methodist Church, Kansas

The pastor uses OneCall to send a mid-week devotion to the congregation. It allows us to send prayer requests with one phone message so it is time saving. Committee chairs use it to notify members of meetings. It has worked well for our small congregation.

Thomas Hyde

First United Methodist, Sidney, Nebraska

It works well, and has been very helpful in giving our prayer warriors accurate, timely information. We have never had a problem using it.

Tina Gallaher

Real Life Community of Faith UMC, Ohio

A great system and a good rate. Updating and deleting numbers is as simple as an email and the response time is great. Glad to have this service.

Bill Upton

Francis Cove United Methodist Church, North Carolina

One Call Tell All is the most effective communication tool a church can utilize to reach its membership quickly.

Don Ransford

Ebenezer/Farmersburg UMC, Indiana

We are able to quickly and effectively communicate with the entire church community or with various segments. We use it for weather notifications, prayer requests, and general information for the good of the church. It is a wonderful tool and we appreciate your providing it for us. God bless.

Sheila Williamson

St. Mary Street UMC, New Jersey

One Call Tell All is a God-send. It is a very convenient and effective way to keep our congregation informed of upcoming meetings, events and other important information. Your staff is very easy to work with. You are very prompt with updates. The system is very easy to use and the message a generated in less than one minute after final approval is given. Thank you for offering such a valuable service.

Joe Barthlow

Tobin Park UMC, Texas

Works well for our church. We have 33 of our allowed 50 and have had no problems with the service.

Rev. Francis Hennessy

Pelham United Methodist Church, Tennessee

The system works very well. I have received only positive comments from the congregation. In fact, I have had several non-church community members ask to be included on our OneCallTellAll system. It is turning out to be not just a good way to keep the church members in the know, it is becoming an outreach tool.


United Methodist Church, Nebraska

So far, this has been a great option for us! It is much easier and cheaper than sending out postcards and works great for last minute changes or reminders.

Donna Smith

Waverly United Methodist Church, Virginia

The One-Call System has been a real blessing to both me and the congregation I serve. We live in a small rural community. Many in the congregation do not have computers or internet access which limits email, website and other media notifications. Since all my congregation have phones, the One-Call system lets me contact the entire congregation at once or the subgroups that have been set up. Everyone gets the correct information at the same time: no more garbled messages or suppositions added to messages. The feedback I get from my congregation has been overwhelmingly positive. There is definitely less missed information, especially for those who do not attend every week.

Howard Caspar

Whitaker United Methodist Church, Pennsylvania

We are in our third year of the "One Call Tell All" system and the importance of it is still growing. Not only has it increased attendance but we use it for meeting reminders, fund raiser announcements and sickness and prayer chain noticies. I add some humor to the messages to hold their attention, they love it.

Tommy Phillips

Big Springs Baptist Church, Georgia


Rev. Michelle Rawdin

Mt. Carmel. UMC, Georgia

We love OneCallTellAll! We have used their services for almost 3 years and have had great success. The cost was definitely right for us, but setting up the system and making corrections to our list of numbers over the years has always been very easy and quickly done. Beyond this, the church members are so appreciative to get church news and prayer concerns so quickly. It helps everyone stay up to date with our members and church events. It's a great service and I highly recommend it!


Ardmore/Trinity Charge UMC, Tennessee

My five churches have been using the system for over two years now. We are very pleased with it. We are able to send out prayer requests for those in need. We are also able to remind people of meetings,etc. If a church member is sick or admitted to the hospital, we can let the entire congregation know in less than a minute. It is a wonderful system.

Roy Harlow

GraceWay UMC, Kentucky

The system works awesome! Many times I get a prayer request I am with a co-worker or friend from another church and their comment is "we need that". Thanks Roy Harlow Pastor.

Rhonda Groen

St. Andrew United Methodist Church, South Carolina

This is a wonderful service! Priced right and so helpful in the ministry of the church. Thank you!


Genoa Trinity United Methodist Church, Ohio

The OneCallTellAll system has been a tremendous asset to our church. We're able to contact members of our various groups (Prayer Chain, Men's Breakfast, etc.) with one simple phone call. The biggest advantage is that each group member receives the same information. No more games of "telephone"! The price is unbeatable, and the ease-of-use makes it a no-brainer. OneCallTellAll is the best there is!

Gerald Cardwell

Elm Springs UMC, Tennessee

The system has worked great for our church. It handles voice mails and answering machines well. I especially like the feature that a message can be generated from any phone and that the message caller ID phone number will always be the same. Change requests are handled fast too. Good System!

Chuck Griffin"

Cassidy United Methodist Church Kingsport, TN

"Please pass along to the right people how pleased I am with the OneCallTellAll system. You have really enhanced our ability to communicate in this church. I've been getting a lot of positive comments from parishioners about the improvements your system has brought compared to our old system. And because they typically hear my voice, the goodwill accrues to me. :-) "Thanks so much.Mt. Hebron loves One Call Tell All. Such a time saver and information is so much more accurate when all the people get the same info.. at the same time"

Doug Hyndrich, Pastor

Rich Creek First UMC- Rich Creek, VA 24147

"This system has been an absolute blessing to our congregation and has transformed the ways in which we communicate important information. Thank you so very much for this invaluable service." Thank you, Doug Hyndrich, Pastor Rich Creek First UMC- Rich Creek, VA 24147

Margaret Stephenson Chair, Trustees Committee

Monterey United Methodist Church 124 N. Holly Street Monterey, TN

"Thank you so much! Your communication system is a real blessing to us!"

Pastor Diane Schaffner - Melbern United Methodist Church


"I just tried this for the first time and it worked so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!! No more prayer chain calls!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, you guys!!!!!!!!"

Cross Roads UMC

Anderson, Indiana

"This service is an absolute Godsend!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!!"

Pastor Paul Mills, Gamaliel United Methodist Church

Gamaliel, KY

"If any pastors have any questions about the one call I would be glad to pass along to them how wonderful it has been for my 2 churches."

Rodney Lawson, Pastor

Rocky Gap UMC

"Thank you so much, your system has already made an impact on our communications."

Pastor Larry Jinks - Bardwell and Trinity United Methodist Churches


"The system works great and the members are most appreciative."

Pastor Ruthann - Asbury/Sandyville United Methodist

Charge, Ohio

"We have tried our new service and LOVE IT!!!!!"

Pastor Debra Wright

Jennings United Methodist Church

P.O. Box 13 Jennings, Florida, 32056 386-938-4303

Pastor Susan King

Ellenwood United Methodist Church

P.O. Box 55 Ellenwood, Georgia 30294 770-968-7022

Pastor Karen Fisher

Forest Park United Methodist Church

4473 College Street, P.O. Box 1632 Forest Park, GA 30298 Church Office: 404-366-2121

Wesley United Methodist

Sharon Gronau

Marco Island, FL 34145 239-394-3734

Liberty United Methodist Church

Besty Herron

1300 Liberty Church Rd. Hiddenite, NC, 28636 704.585.2001

Christ United Methodist Church Neptune Beach

Pastor William Beebe

400 Penman Road, Neptune Beach, Florida 32266, United States Phone: 904-249-5370

Bonnie Kenyon - United Methodist Church

Alva, Florida

"I believe that having the calling system in place for our church has increased attendance at both our services and all the meetings that the church needs to run properly. Sometimes people just need a reminder of when events are taking place. It has been especially valuable during Holy Week because we have a number of special services. I am also impressed with how easy it is to make changes to our calling list. The service we get is amazing and quick. If anyone wants to discuss the value of this service to our church, please do not hesitate to call".

Pastor William Beebe, Wesley UMC - Marco Island


"Wesley UMC has participated in OneCallTellAll for two years, and it has been very helpful in communicating with the congregation. Whenever we have congregational prayer needs arise or special announcements to make, we can now contact everyone with just one call. It has become a great communication tool for the church. The cost is reasonable and the value is wonderful. The church has benefited from this in a number of cases". Thank You for providing this system to us, as we use it regularly.

Donna Tatro Administrative Assistant - Moultonborough Recreation Department

Moultonborough, NH

"It has been almost one year since the Moultonborough Recreation Department started using the One Call Tell All System. My department has been very satisfied with the system & the company. The service given by this company is prompt, accurate, and has been beyond our expectations. Our department not only uses this system for weather cancellations, but we also use it to update information for our customers, remind them of registration deadlines to avoid late fees, and make them aware of new programs that we offer. It takes less than five minutes to record & send a message. Each season, our department will send a new customer list (campaign) to a One Call Tell All representative via email, and within a couple hours we receive a reply email letting us know that the new campaign is ready to go. Phone numbers can be added or deleted at any time, and the service is always prompt. Pricing is very reasonable, and families can be on more than one campaign, without an additional cost. The Moultonborough Recreation Department is very satisfied with the system and the company."

Jeff Johnson - Mid-West Athletic Alliance


"I have been using OneCallTellAll for my travel baseball team, it has been a huge time saver. I have used it many times to inform my parents of rainouts and for other information that needs to be put out at the last minute. The OneCallTellAll staff have been a tremendous help when I needed to add/delete phone numbers. I would recommend OneCallTellAll to any organization that has the need to mass call it's players/members".

Lisa Karr - Thoroughbred Soccer Club

Louisville, KY

"OneCallTellAll has been an incredible time saver for me as the manager of my daughter's soccer team. With constant changes in practices and games due to the unpredictable weather, I have saved countless time and stress in contacting our families. When traveling with our team, I have even been able to alert families to traffic delays and ways to avoid them. I have been very satisfied with the great service the support staff has provided. Our team has added players throughout the season, and I was able to add them quickly to our number pool. I have always been able to speak to someone when I have a question, which is essential to good customer service. The OneCallTellAll system was the most competitively priced team notification system I was able to find through my research. Cost is almost always an issue to the families in competitive travel soccer and I was able to provide an inexpensive valuable service to my families. I would highly recommend OneCallTellAll. I know I will be renewing when my next season begins".

Alfonzo Verastegui - Premier Athletics Club


"The Premier Athletics Club has had a great experience using the One Call Tell All system. They are extremely customer service oriented and are very responsive to any and all questions and concerns. We have used their system to notify over 10 teams within Premier Athletics which allows me to reach out to all the team managers with updates and field closures effortlessly. I can’t express how pleased we are with One Call Tell All and the best part is this service is inexpensive. Every club or team should consider using One Call Tell All for communications to their teams and parents it is so easy. It is effortless and you don’t need to send out a mass email and hope that everyone gets the message prior to leaving for a practice or game. With one call I can reach out to all my team managers and know that the message will get there in time. Fantastic system!!!"

Ovid Battat - Wellington Youth Baseball


"During our all star baseball season, it saved me hours of trying to reach our team' parents when I needed to communicate important information in a timely manner. I never worried whether everyone got a message or if I forgot to call someone. One Call Tell All really helped to save time and money."

Guy L. Casaceli JTAA Board Member Jupiter - Tequesta Athletic Association


"If you are not already using this service, I would highly recommend that you do. You can speak to Paul Costa or myself about it. A service such as this saves so much time and headaches of calling 12+ families when there has been a cancellation of a practice or a game or any team event. You make on call and it blasts a mass voicemail to all on you team list. I can not say enough about the time it has saved me and the headaches of dealing with that last minute call. You should consider it."

Clyde Palmer - Wellington Youth Baseball


"One Call Tell All certainly has saved me time getting information out very quickly to all my player’s parents. In turn, it has saved my parents unnecessary trips to a game or practice that was cancelled since they would not have received the information in time without One CallTellAll. The information you are trying to get out with each number dialed gets old and sometimes too late as parents that have not received it yet may have already left to go to the event that has been changed or postponed."

Scott R Moore, CPRP Recreation Supervisor

Pompano Beach Highlands Park - Florida

"The teams absolutely love the One Call Service!"