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Dial in from any phone, anytime, anywhere!

Step 1

From any phone, dial into the system.

Step 2

Choose the group you wish to send a message.

Step 3

Record your message and send.

IT’S THAT SIMPLE. We are Proud to be the only Full Service voice communication company available.

We handle all system setup, creation of groups and subgroups, additions, deletions, and changes for you! No additional manpower needed, and no software or hardware to purchase.


One Call Tell All Systems Benefit a variety of groups including Churches, Non Profits, HOA groups, and much more, if you have a Commerical or Government group that would like a system, please contact us for pricing.

Phone Numbers

All systems Include 1 phone number per Member.


Fast voice communication to your members and subgroups, all at the same time!


Local calls or Long Distance, no extra
cost to you!


All calls are displayed with your selected caller id per Member.


Your system setup is absolutely free.


No hardware or software needed to buy or install.


Getting a system started is very easy. Just go to our signup page, attach your phone list and submit it. Once we receive the information, our programmers will setup your system. You will receive an email with the instructions to start using the system right away. No need to pre-pay. After your system is setup, we will email you an invoice, payable by check in the mail.

Start Today/Pricing

Because we offer the only 100% FULL SERVICE group notification system available, your staff and personnel can focus their time and energy on what’s important, instead of maintaining databases, list changes, backups, etc.


We offer the very LOWEST pricing, Always FULL SERVICE and Fastest System!

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Our Members are great, and we love hearing their stories. If you have a story about our service or want to share some feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    • This is an excellent tool for disseminating regular information on upcoming events as well as last minute cancellations. We didnt use it for quite a while because, being a new pastor, I wasn’t aware it existed. Especially since the three churches in this charge are so spread apart, having this handy is truly a gift. Rev. Rebecca R. Gregson, Pastor

      Rebecca Gregson

      Bolton, Shiloh, and Smith Chapel UMCs, North Carolina

    • We have enjoyed having one call. We find it to be a great way to communicate with our congregation. It’s user friendly, easy to use. And you have done a great job with updates and help when needed. Thank you!

      John Poe

      Bardstown UMC, Kentucky

    • Please pass along to the right people how pleased I am with the OneCallTellAll system. You have really enhanced our ability to communicate in this church. I’ve been getting a lot of positive comments from parishioners about the improvements your system has brought compared to our old system. And because they typically hear my voice, the goodwill accrues to me. 🙂

      Chuck Griffin

      Cassidy United Methodist Church Kingsport, TN

    • We have truly enjoyed One Call Tell All. We just had icy weather, and it was so easy to send out a call to cancel activities. It is a great way to keep everyone informed of meetings, new studies and events. Thank you for offering this service at a price our small church can afford!

      Roy Beth Kelley

      Dover United Methodist Church, Arkansas

    • If you are not already using this service, I would highly recommend that you do. You can speak to Paul Costa or myself about it. A service such as this saves so much time and headaches of calling 12+ families when there has been a cancellation of a practice or a game or any team event. You make on call and it blasts a mass voicemail to all on you team list. I can not say enough about the time it has saved me and the headaches of dealing with that last minute call. You should consider it.

      Guy L. Casaceli

      JTAA Board Member Jupiter – Tequesta Athletic Association

    • The Premier Athletics Club has had a great experience using the One Call Tell All system. They are extremely customer service oriented and are very responsive to any and all questions and concerns. We have used their system to notify over 10 teams within Premier Athletics which allows me to reach out to all the team managers with updates and field closures effortlessly. I cant express how pleased we are with One Call Tell All and the best part is this service is inexpensive. Every club or team should consider using One Call Tell All for communications to their teams and parents it is so easy. It is effortless and you dont need to send out a mass email and hope that everyone gets the message prior to leaving for a practice or game. With one call I can reach out to all my team managers and know that the message will get there in time. Fantastic system!!

      Alfonzo Verastegui

      Alfonzo Verastegui – Premier

    • This service is an absolute Godsend!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!!

      Cross Roads UMC

      Anderson, Indiana

    • The OneCallTellAll system has been a tremendous asset to our church. We’re able to contact members of our various groups (Prayer Chain, Men’s Breakfast, etc.) with one simple phone call. The biggest advantage is that each group member receives the same information. No more games of telephone tag! The price is unbeatable, and the ease-of-use makes it a no-brainer. OneCallTellAll is the best there is!


      Genoa Trinity United Methodist Church, Ohio

    • My five churches have been using the system for over two years now. We are very pleased with it. We are able to send out prayer requests for those in need. We are also able to remind people of meetings,etc. If a church member is sick or admitted to the hospital, we can let the entire congregation know in less than a minute. It is a wonderful system.


      Ardmore/Trinity Charge UMC, Tennessee

    • We love OneCallTellAll! We have used their services for almost 3 years and have had great success. The cost was definitely right for us, but setting up the system and making corrections to our list of numbers over the years has always been very easy and quickly done. Beyond this, the church members are so appreciative to get church news and prayer concerns so quickly. It helps everyone stay up to date with our members and church events. It’s a great service and I highly recommend it!

      Rev. Michelle Rawdin

      Mt. Carmel. UMC, Georgia

    • We are in our third year of the One Call Tell All system and the importance of it is still growing. Not only has it increased attendance but we use it for meeting reminders, fund raiser announcements and sickness and prayer chain notices. I add some humor to the messages to hold their attention, they love it.

      Howard Caspar

      Whitaker United Methodist Church, Pennsylvania

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